Neo 2.0

New Construction/Replacement

– Depth of installation: 4 1/16,
– Maximum glazing depth: 2 5/8,
– Number of gaskets: 2,
– Number of chambers: 5 – 6,
– Uw value from: 0,15 Btu/h ft² °F (0,85 W/m2·K)
– Available core colors: White, Brown, Anthracite,
– Type of profile reinforcement: Steel.
– only 421⁄64in width – even more light,
– three sealing planes,
– woodec and aludec as recommended,
– decorative surfaces,
– security-enhanced window in standard,
– countless variations.

We offer you a NEO with a nail flange, specifically designed for new constructions, ensuring smooth and easy installation process!

Neo 3.0

New Construction/Replacement

Uw value from: 0,15 Btu/h ft² °F (0,85 W/m2·K)
– woodec and aludec as recommended
decorative surfaces,
security-enhanced window in standard,
– countless variations.

We offer you a NEO with a nail flange, specifically designed for new constructions, ensuring smooth and easy installation process!

Certificates for the above windows

Modern NFRC Neo Tilt & Turn window showcasing sleek design and functionality.

Strong angles and minimalist architecture, combined with visual lightness of the structure, are the defining characteristics of NEO. The system meets the highest standards in energy efficiency and incorporates the latest design trends. Our goal was to combine aluplast’s most innovative technologies with exceptional design. Every detail and technology employed in this system is dedicated to fulfilling this vision.

The windows crafted in the NEO systems exude extraordinary lightness and elegance, thanks to their slim and distinctive profiles, which are nearly half as narrow compared to other aluplast systems.

The NEO system stands out as one of the few on the market with a „classic center gasket” design.

Featuring „Safetec inside,” a specially extruded center gasket that tightly adheres to the third inner seal, this system ensures improved overall sealing, enhanced thermal and acoustic properties, as well as increased resistance against forced entry by preventing access to the fittings.


Not only wall colors, furniture, and decorations define the atmosphere in a home. The role of windows in arranging and planning the functionality
of rooms is also increasingly growing.


The high-quality decorative textures stand out with their exceptional fine-grained matte-sandy surface, reminiscent of powder-coated aluminum.


The new woodec surface offers the faithful preservation of authentic wood appearance and a unique character, combined with all the advantages
of a plastic window.





Design Pressure (DP)Structural Pressure (STP)U-FactorSHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)Visible TransmittanceCondensation Resistance
NEO / NEO TILT&TURN+45.11psf+67.67psf0.17 – 0.270.20-0.340.23-0.5160-76
NEO Smart Slide+45.11psf+67.67psf0.17 – 0.270.21-0.370.25-0.5558-73
NEO fixed window+45.11psf+67.67psf0.15 – 0.260.22-0.370.27-0.5962-77

Freedom choice

An extremely important design challenge for the neo series was the mutual compatibility of the profiles,
allowing individual profile geometries to be freely combined while maintaining a relatively small number of profiles.
Thus, we limit the number of profiles stocked yet provide the maximum style configuration of windows.

The „Multifalz“ technology implemented in all systems provides profiles with multifunctionality.
Using only one profile section, one can choose between a conventional solution with steel, a solution without steel, or a possible combination of both solutions (e.g., for structures with non-standard dimensions).
The range of possible technical solutions for different requirements and applications is significantly increased by the use of bonding inside technology.

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neo is an extremely attractive design proposal for customers who appreciate the timeless style. A simple, symmetrical, cubist shape is the hallmark of the system

Simple angles with strong archetectural shape but with lightness of design.
The system offers two design lines:
a minimalist, classic non-flush version, and a designer version with a flush design, which offers slim sightlines similar to an aluminium window. The unusual lightness and elegance of windows made in neo system are provided by narrow, expressive overlaps, which are narrower almost by half than in other aluplast systems.

Slim and clear shapes are obtained both from the outside and from the inside, thanks to a new range of glazing beads with straight contours.

Design meets technology

Long-lasting Comfort

Thanks to the permanent bonding of the glass and the sash, the risk of warping, bending, and settling of the sash is reduced, thus extending the life of the sash without the need for adjustment.

Optimal Thermal Insulation

Neo system is a new direction in thinking, because it involves, among others, the elimination of steel reinforcements previously used in profiles, which cause the deterioration of their thermal performance. By using alternative solutions, excellent thermal performance can be achieved.

Windows Safe for Children

When the glazing unit is glued to the profile,
a very strong bond is formed around the entire perimeter. Thanks to the perimeter gap filled with glue, it is virtually impossible to push the glass out of the sash.