Plastixal Double Hung Window - Elegance and Functionality


One of the most popular type of window in the United States The Double-Hung window can be lifted from the bottom or lowered from the top with two independent sashes. They are easy to clean as both of the sashes tilt inward for simple access to the exterior and interior panes of glazing. Double-Hung windows do not require any extra space to operate, so they can maximize both interior and exterior space.

  • Available without integral nailing fin for replacement window applications,
  • Integral accessory grooves. Integral nailing fin for new construction applications,
  • Specially designed chamber for mosquito net. Exterior glazed sash,
  • Triple weatherseal at interlock,
  • Double weatherseal on the sides and upper parts of the window frame,
  • Handle integrated with a sash. Sloped sill for better drainage of water,
  • Firm sill leg and screen chamber that prevent warping and rippling,
  • 3 ¼” depth of frame.
Double-Hung Two-Color Window - Style and Functionality in One

• Plastixal VISION Double Hung Windows in two different colours.

Plastixal Double-Hung Window as FIX - Elegance and Functionality

• Double-Hung Window is available as a FIX.

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Veneers available on the outside of the window



Design Pressure (DP)Structural Pressure (STP)U-FactorSHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)Visible TransmittanceCondensation Resistance
Vision Double Hungnonenonefrom 0.29from 0.26from 0.3555


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