Vision Casement by Plastixal: Contemporary Style with Timeless Appeal

VISION Casement Window

Casement windows, which swing outward, pivot on one side, allowing them to open to either the right or left. Their operation is smooth, facilitated by a convenient crank that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. Often found above kitchen sinks or bathtubs, casement windows provide exceptional energy efficiency when compared to alternative American window designs. Screens, if desired, are typically positioned on the interior side of the window.

VISION Single-Hung

Among the prevalent window styles in the United States, the Single-Hung window stands out. Unlike the Double-Hung window, the Single-Hung variant features a sash that can only be raised from the bottom. Notably, its upper section remains fixed, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency and straightforward operation.t.

Vision Single Hung by Plastixal: Classic Style with Modern Efficiency
Vision Single Hung by Plastixal: Classic Style with Modern Efficiency

VISION Double-Hung

One of the most widely embraced window styles in the United States is the Double-Hung window. Distinguished by its two independently movable sashes, it offers the flexibility to be lifted from the bottom or lowered from the top. A notable advantage lies in its ease of cleaning, as both sashes tilt inward, facilitating convenient access to both the exterior and interior glass panes. Moreover, Double-Hung windows are space-efficient, requiring no extra room for operation, thereby optimizing both interior and exterior spaces.

VISION Double Slide

The Sliding Window system operates by horizontally sliding open from one side to the other without needing extra space for operation. Often found in narrow walkways, porches, and patios, these windows provide controlled and seamless access to fresh air. Crafted using our proprietary vinyl formula, they undergo thorough performance testing to ensure remarkable weather resistance, color retention, and durability.

Vision Double Slide by Plastixal: Seamlessly Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
NEO by Plastixal: Innovative Window Solutions for Modern Living

Neo 2.0/Neo 3.0

The NEO system is characterized by its robust angles and minimalist architectural style, imparting a sense of visual lightness to the structure. Designed to meet top-tier energy efficiency standards and embodying the latest design trends, our aim was to integrate aluplast’s cutting-edge technologies with outstanding design. Each detail and technology employed in this system is dedicated to realizing this vision.

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