Plastixal Windows AS75 System - High-Quality Window Solution

Systems AS 75


The AS 75 system, with its unique triple-chamber design, offers an advanced solution for creating thermally insulated structures for doors and windows. It incorporates cutting-edge ANTI-BI-METAL technology, safeguarding the door panels from heat-related deformations and extreme cold temperatures. This remarkable system complies with both present and future insulation requirements.

  • Thermal parameters of the construction meet the requirements until 2021,
  • Integral with other Aluron systems,
  • Aluminium drainage caps,
  • Compatible with building automotion,
  • Antibimetal spacer within doors,
  • Arc constructions, including welded ones.

Selected features
and system parameters

  • Frame thickness: 26164in,
  • Range of glazing: 058in-21932in,
  • Window sash thickness: 3516in,
  • Window thermal insulation Uwoknafrom: 0.67 W/m2K,
  • Possible types of claddingalu: clad,
  • Possible types of cladding: PCV,
  • Waterproof: E 1950,
  • Air permeability: IV class,
  • Wind load resistance: C5,
  • Burglary protection: RC2, RC3.
Plastixal Windows AS75 System - High-Quality Window Solution
  • up to 2164in of glazing in not-leveled sash,
  • up to 22164in of glazing in leveled sash,
  • possibility of hidden dehydration,
  • excellent thermal paramters,
  • six-chamber system with a middle sealing (3 seals) for better anti-burglary performance,
  • excellent acustic insulation up to class IV,
  • high stability due to optimal steel reinforcement,
  • avalible in numerous colourways and with aluminium overlay system aluskin.

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Door – threshold versions

  • Door frame thickness: 26164in,
  • Range of glazingup to: 214in,
  • Door thermal insulation Ud (4 variants) from 0.93 W/m2K,
  • Hinges available: surface,
  • Hinges available: roller,
  • WaterproofE 1200, according to IFT and LTB research standards,
  • Air permeability: IV class,
  • Wind load resistance: C2.


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