The innovative OPTIMAXX system is characterized by minimalism and visual perfection. The system is based on simple contours which are the leading trend in contemporary architecture.
The expressive shapes of the wings with the rebate inclination of 4° and glazing beads in 90° optics create a unique, modern design. The advantages of the system are complemented by the low assembly height – 426, which allows for the construction of impressive, large glazing.


  • minimalist, simple, economical contours inside and outside the window
  • very good thermal insulation
  • six chambers in the frame and five chambers in the sash
  • available in a wide range of veneers, including RealWood
  • to ensure maximum use of raw materials, OPTIMAXX windows are manufactured from 100% recycled material (Vinyl/PVC)
  • high stability due to optimal steel reinforcement
  • suitable for renovation due to its 74 mm installation depth
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