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The three-chamber window system with thermal insulation is engineered for creating windows with concealed sashes, rendering them invisible from the exterior. Featuring a specially designed frame shape that conceals the entire height of the sash profile, the system offers versatility with a broad selection of glazing options, accommodating single and double-pane configurations as well as acoustic and anti-burglary glass. Profile drainage is available in two variations: traditional and concealed. Additionally, the system allows for profile bending, offering flexibility in design. The concealed sash system is favored by designers for its ability to seamlessly integrate windows into aluminum and glass structures, ensuring a uniform appearance for both opened and fixed segments from the outside. With a wide array of color options, including those from the RAL palette, structural colors, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, anodized finishes, and bi-color combinations, there’s ample choice to suit various aesthetic preferences.

Genesis 75

Genesis 75 presents a cutting-edge three-chamber window and door system tailored to deliver superior thermal insulation performance. With thermal parameters meeting the 2021 standards (Uw from 0.90), Genesis 75 ensures energy efficiency. Anchored by 261⁄64in deep frame profiles, this system offers a robust foundation for designing contemporary windows, doors, and storefronts with exceptional functionality. Introducing innovative insulation materials, Genesis 75 incorporates an additional thermal seal alongside the conventional central window gasket, ensuring top-notch window sealing against air infiltration and water resistance. Moreover, the system provides a diverse array of profile finishes, including renovation profiles, adding distinctive character to each window design.

Genesis75 by Plastixal: Stylish and Innovative Window Solutions

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