Window and Door systems NEW YORK

In New York, the dynamic heart of the United States, choosing the right windows and doors is a crucial element for both interior aesthetics and protection against variable weather conditions. Our company offers innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of this extraordinary city.

Our windows and doors not only highlight the unique character of New York apartments but also effectively handle intense sunlight and demanding weather conditions. Thanks to the latest technologies, they provide excellent thermal insulation, ensuring comfortable conditions indoors throughout the year.

Meeting customer expectations, we offer diverse styles and colors that harmonize with the architectural diversity of New York. Our products not only meet the highest quality standards but also add elegance and modernity to every interior.

In the era of growing ecological awareness, our energy-efficient solutions not only save on energy bills but also align with the trend of a sustainable lifestyle.

Invest in our New York windows and doors to enjoy not only functionality but also a distinctive style that emphasizes the unique character of your space in this vibrant city. Take advantage of our offer to introduce a touch of modernity and comfort into your interior, without compromising on protection against New York’s demanding climate.

Windows and doors by Plastixal in New York

NEO windows Neo 2.0

Imperial i plus Imperial I+

Genesis SU Genesis SU

Neo 2.0

New Construction/Replacement

Installation Specifications:

  • Depth of Installation: 263⁄64 inches,
  • Maximum Glazing Depth: 21⁄8 inches,
  • Number of Gaskets: 2,
  • Number of Chambers: 5 – 6,
  • Uw Value: 0.15 Btu/h ft² °F (0.85 W/m²·K),
  • Core Color Options: White, Brown, Anthracite,
  • Profile Reinforcement: Steel.

Enhanced Design Features:

  • Slim Width: Only 421⁄64 inches for increased natural light,
  • Triple Sealing Planes: Boosted efficiency and insulation,
  • Recommended Materials: Woodec and aludec for optimal performance,
  • Decorative Surfaces: Elevate aesthetic appeal,
  • Standard Security Enhancement: Reinforced for window safety,
  • Customization Options: Tailor your windows to fit your preferences

Imperial I+
windows with high thermal insulation parameters


Crafted for windows, doors, and storefronts, this system stands out with exceptional thermal insulation capabilities. Its impressive thermal insulation is achieved by incorporating specialized thermal inserts strategically positioned between thermal separators and encircling the glass pane.

A diverse array of shapes within the system ensures the realization of desired aesthetics and structural robustness. The flexibility in installing windows within facade systems is complemented by the availability of rectangular and circular variants of glazing strips. Profile shapes are designed to accommodate various peripheral hardware, including concealed hinges and uPVC hardware.

A broad selection of glazing options caters to all types of single and double cavity, acoustic, and anti-burglary glass panes. Profile drainage comes in two variants: traditional and concealed. The option for profile bending is available, with detailed specifications and technical parameters provided to customers.

Suited for both residential and public buildings, this system offers modern window solutions in numerous configurations. The design of the IP i and IP i+ systems is built on the proven, extensive, and recognized Imperial base system.

Choose from a wide spectrum of colors, including RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colors, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualanod PL-0001), anodized (Qualanod 1808), and bi-color options to tailor the system to your preferences.


Imperial i Plus windows

Genesis SU

  • Uncover our state-of-the-art triple-chamber window system, delivering outstanding thermal insulation with a meticulously designed frame that extends the full height of the sash profile.
  • Delve into a diverse range of glazing options, designed for single and double-chamber, acoustic-insulated, and anti-burglary window panes to provide personalized solutions.
  • Choose between two movable post alternatives: a standard post and a narrow option, enhancing the penetration of natural light.
  • Select the profile drainage that suits your preferences, with a choice between traditional and concealed options, offering flexibility in drainage solutions.
  • Experience the convenience of profile bending, providing detailed specifications and technical parameters for customized profile bending solutions.