Stylish Pergola Terrace by Plastixal Windows
Stylish Pergola Terrace by Plastixal Windows

NUUN ECO pergola


The NUUN ECO pergola offers a terrace roof solution with automatically rotating slats, promoting natural airflow and safeguarding against sun and rain exposure.

Key features of the NUUN ECO pergola include:

  1. Configuration options: It comes in both free-standing and wall-mounted designs,

  2. Construction: The pergola is built using powder-coated extruded aluminum profiles for durability and aesthetic appeal,

  3. Roof design: The roof is composed of movable aluminum blades, with two available slat types: chamber type and flat type,

  4. Blade rotation angle: The blades can be rotated between 0˚ to 110˚, allowing for customizable control of sunlight and airflow,

  5. Weatherproof design: The tightly adhering blades and use of gaskets in the blades and structural frame create a secure roof, offering protection from rain and harsh weather,

  6. Integrated water drainage system: The construction features an efficient water drainage system integrated into the post,

  7. Expansion options: The pergola can be enhanced with additional elements and system extensions, such as linear LED lighting, a heat radiator, and a zip screen,

  8. Sliding glass door system: The Slide Glass system allows for easy access and added functionality,

  9. Easy assembly: The 90˚ joint of profiles simplifies the assembly and prefabrication process.

  10. Elevated crown option: An available elevated crown/top extension conceals opening blades and the actuator during operation, enhancing the overall appearance.

In summary, the NUUN ECO pergola provides a versatile and innovative solution for transforming terraces into comfortable and weather-resistant spaces.

Conctruction Nun Eco
Conctruction Nun Eco

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Pergola Nuun Eco
– Additional Elements

Introducing our premium selection of zip screen sunshades.
Crafted with high-quality translucent and non-transparent fabrics, these shades come in a wide range of colors, allowing seamless integration with the building’s design.

Experience our innovative Sliding system for glass installation
– Slide Glass. Designed without thermal insulation, this system boasts minimal visibility of aluminum profile edges, ensuring a sleek and visually simple construction while offering transparency.

Enhance the ambiance with our cutting
– Edge linear lighting, cleverly integrated into the pergola slats and construction frame. Choose from our white linear lighting option, and appreciate the aesthetic concealment of cabling within the structure.
You also have the option to adjust the luminous intensity, either remotely or through a dedicated app.

Stylish Pergola Terrace by Plastixal Windows


Maximum width1573164in1573164in
Maximum outreach2756364270564in
Maximum height118764in118764in
Wind load500 Pa (wind blowing at 100 km/h) – perpendicular to the roof plane*

* with a construction with a zip screen system – the zip must be raised

2 outreach types:

  • standard version of the NUUN ECO 26164in pergola construction,
  • construction of the NUUN ECO pergola with the elevation/crown concealing slats and + 52932in actuators in the structure.
Stylish Pergola Terrace by Plastixal Windows


Weather Sensors for Enhanced Comfort and Safety: Our pergolas are equipped with advanced weather sensors, including rain, wind, and snow sensors. These sensors act as a safeguard during unfavorable weather conditions by sending signals to automatically close the roller shutters, ensuring the protection of your terrace equipment.

Efficient and Safe Heat Radiator System: Experience the latest in heating technology with our heat radiator system. This modern and safe solution is conveniently controlled through a radio remote control, offering optimal heating comfort.

Automation for Unparalleled Convenience: Our bioclimatic pergolas are designed with innovation in mind, providing the option for an automatic control system. Embrace the luxury of an automated pergola that enhances the comfort of your home. You can effortlessly control it using a remote control, your phone, or seamlessly integrate it with your home automation control panel, ensuring ultimate comfort and convenience.


NUUN ECO terrace canopies are available in a wide range of colours. Available in full RAL palette, structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect colours, Aliplast Loft View stone-imitating colours, bi-colour. Quality and durability are guaranteed by the Qualicoat 1518, Qualideco PL-0001, and Qualanod 1808 certificates.

Colorful Pergola Options by Plastixal Windows