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Screen Cube


Introducing Screen Cube – a state of the art zip screen sunshade system designed to provide ultimate protection against excessive sunlight, wind, insects, and pollution. Specifically engineered as an optional addition to the NUUN ECO pergola, Screen Cube offers a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Key Features

  • Modern Design: The roller box features a sleek 45˚ bevelled shape, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the system,

  • Optimal Access to Light: With a minimum visible width of the guide profile (1316in x 13132in), the loading beam retracts completely into the roller box, ensuring maximum light exposure when the shade is open,

  • Enhanced Safety: Enjoy peace of mind with the obstacle detection system, which halts the shade if it encounters any obstacles,

  • Maximum Sealing: The fabric is directly integrated with the guide through a welded-in zipper mechanism, guaranteeing exceptional sealing against the elements,

  • High-Quality Fabrics: Choose from a selection of top-notch fabrics, including translucent and non-transparent options that reduce sunlight by up to 100% through reflection and absorption, while also minimizing UV radiation,

  • Customization: With a wide array of colors available for the structural elements and fabrics, you can perfectly match the Screen Cube cover
    to the colors of your NUUN ECO pergola,

  • Convenient Control: Screen Cube offers automatic control and can
    be integrated into an intelligent control system for seamless operation.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with Screen Cube – the ideal sunshade solution that seamlessly complements your NUUN ECO pergola while providing ultimate protection and convenience.


  • Maximum height: zip screen installed in the light:
    Fabric: 0% – available on request,
    Fabric: 5% – 118764in,
    Fabric: 1% – 1061116in /measured from the bottom to the top of the box,
  • Maximum width: 1573164in,
  • Minimum dimensions: 371332in x 191116in,
  • Possible shading surfaces with an element width of up to 4 m and a surface area of 12 m2.

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NUUN ECO terrace canopies are available in a wide range of colours. Available in full RAL palette, structural colours, Wood Colour Effect colours, Loft View stone-imitating colours, bi-colour. Quality and durability are guaranteed by the Qualicoat 1518, Qualideco PL-0001, and Qualanod 1808 certificates.

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