Safe Windows
for Your Comfort and Security

Safety Comes First

Our windows have been designed with the goal of providing the highest level of security. Made from durable materials and advanced technologies, they serve as an effective barrier against unwanted incidents.

Various Solutions

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to tailor to your individual needs without compromising on the level of security.

Our windows are not only practical but also aesthetic, and most importantly, SAFE.

Lifetime safety

Anti-Burglary Locks
European Standards RC1, RC2, RC3

Our RC1, RC2, and RC3 class anti-burglary locks meet the highest European safety standards. These designations indicate the level
of resistance of windows to burglary attempts, a crucial element in ensuring the security of your space.

RC1 means that the window is resistant to break-in attempts using simple tools, providing an effective barrier against casual intruders from the street.

RC2 raises the level of protection, making it more difficult for advanced burglary attempts, turning windows into a robust defense against thieves.

RC3 represents the highest level of resistance, discouraging even experienced burglars.

High Production Standard

We prioritize quality and innovation in the production of PVC and aluminum windows. Our high production standard for PVC and aluminum windows is the result not only of our years of experience but also of our constant commitment to improvement. Our mission is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality that meet all expectations and exceed market standards.

What sets us apart?

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Highest Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring the durability and reliability of our windows. PVC and aluminum windows are resistant to weather conditions and provide excellent insulation.

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Modern Technology

At Plastixal Windows, we invest in modern production technologies that enable us to create windows with precise finishing and aesthetic design.

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Dedicated Staff

Our team consists of qualified specialists who pay attention to every detail of the production process. It is thanks to them that our windows achieve the highest standard.

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Individual Approach

We understand that every project is different. That’s why we offer our customers an individual approach, helping to tailor windows to their unique needs and style.

SIEGENIA TITAN - Elegance, Security, and Comfort in Windows

Siegenia TITAN is an innovative hardware system that provides unparalleled ease of operation for windows. It is a hardware system that combines design, security, energy efficiency, and functionality, elevating the quality of living spaces to a higher level. It also offers numerous benefits in window installation.

The concealed TITAN hinges, though not visible at first glance, are an excellent example that details can impact quality and style. Here’s why you should pay attention to TITAN:

Elegant Appearance: The concealed hinges provide a subtle look to the window, giving it a unique aesthetic.

Durability and Savings: TITAN is characterized by exceptional durability and low consumption, translating into a long-lasting investment.

Excellent Insulation: Through continuous sealing, it ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, enhancing comfort in rooms.

Easy Operation: The ability to adjust hinges allows for smooth operation of the sash over many years.

Protection Against Dirt: The bottom hinge is protected by an appropriate cover, minimizing the risk of dirt accumulation.

Lift - Support for Comfort and Window Durability

The sash lift is not only a detail influencing user convenience but also a crucial element affecting the durability of the window. It operates smoothly, lifting the sash during closing. Thanks to this, even wide windows that could potentially pose issues over time close smoothly and steadily, consistently providing high user comfort and reliability.

The use of the sash lift significantly extends the lifespan of windows.

Incorrect Operation Lock Increased Security and Convenience

Forget about frustrations related to window operation thanks to various options of the incorrect operation lock, available for windows of different sizes and shapes. The benefits of using the incorrect operation lock include:

High Security: Thanks to the lock, there is no risk of simultaneous opening and tilting of the window.
Effectiveness: The lock engages immediately upon applying force, enhancing ease of operation. Perfect for Upgrades: The lock is also suitable for upgrading already installed windows.

Do you want to find out if our collaboration terms are suitable for you and your business?

7 Years Warranty: Peace of Mind for Many Years

We understand that purchasing new windows is a significant investment. That’s why we proudly offer an exceptional 7-year warranty on all our products. This long and robust warranty is designed to provide you with peace of mind for many years after your purchase.

Choosing Plastixal Windows is not just an investment in quality and aesthetics but also in long-term security. Take advantage of our unique 7-year warranty and enjoy peace of mind for many years. We are here to meet your expectations and provide comprehensive protection for your windows.

Security PLUS Package in NEWAY Doors

Safety PLUS Plastixal doors security standard
We have safety as standard.

At NEWAY, we understand that the security of your home is of the utmost importance. That’s why we offer our Security Plus package in our doors to provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Excellent Burglary Resistance

In our doors, you will find a Class C cylinder as standard, indicating the highest level of protection against break-ins.

Our doors are equipped with:
  • 6 latch bolts that ensure exceptional durability and strength.
  • A special drum shape that contributes to the durability of the cylinder.
  • Drum pins hardened with a nickel coating, making them more resistant to damage.
  • Housing pins made of brass and steel, enhancing the level of security.
  • Protection against drilling of the cylinder.
  • 5 keys with a special profile resistant to opening by manipulation.
  • The option to duplicate keys based on a security card.

All our doors come standard with laminated safety glass (VSG 33.1) and a black polyurethane frame with enhanced thermal insulation. This additional protection increases the level of security in your home.

Our doors are equipped with anti-lift pins on the hinge side, providing additional protection against attempts to force the door open. This effective solution practically prevents door lifting from the hinge side.

Quiet, Quieter Softlock: Operation Comfort

The Softlock mechanism is a solution for those who appreciate quiet and stress-free door closing. Thanks to the stable plastic overlay on the latch, this lock ensures not only security but also silent door operation. It’s the perfect solution for everyday use.


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