How to choose window joinery to match your home's style?

Choosing the right window joinery is a crucial element that influences the final look and functionality of any home. Windows and patio doors not only provide natural light and an outside view but also play a significant role in defining the architectural style of the building. Whether your home is modern, classic, or industrial, well-chosen window frames can highlight its unique character and aesthetics.

The architectural style of a home is more than just a set of visual features. It is also an expression of the residents’ personality and their approach to life. That’s why it’s important for the window joinery to be harmoniously integrated with the rest of the building. Modern technologies and the variety of available materials offer endless possibilities for matching windows
to any style.

In this article, we will present various architectural styles and offer tips on how to choose the right windows and patio doors for them. We will showcase both classic and modern solutions, highlighting the properties of different materials and their impact on the appearance and functionality of the building. Discover how vinyl windows, aluminum windows, or sliding patio doors can emphasize the unique character of your home.

Sample visualizations of homes in specific styles with appropriate windows

Modern Style

The modern style is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and large, open spaces.
Key elements include large glass panels that allow plenty of natural light to enter and create
a connection with the outdoor surroundings. A visualization of a modern home showcases
a minimalist structure with a flat roof and large windows.

What Works Well in a Modern Style?


  • Genesis Aluminum Windows: Perfect for large glass panels, offering a sleek and modern look along with high durability.
  • HS Ultraglide Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors: Ideal for creating large, open spaces, allowing for a seamless transition between the interior and the patio.
Contemporary modern house design
Classic Style

The classic style is distinguished by symmetry, elegance, and attention to detail. It often features columns, elaborately decorated facades, and traditional window forms. A visualization of a home in the classic style portrays a building with harmonious proportions and traditional architectural details.

What Works Well in a Classic Style?


  • NEO Vinyl Windows: Characterized by a classic appearance, they are energy-efficient and easy to maintain, making them a perfect fit for traditional homes.

  • Smart Slide NEO Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors: Stylish and functional, they blend perfectly with classic facades, offering both convenience and aesthetics.
Industrial Style

The industrial style draws inspiration from old factories and warehouses. It is characterized by rawness, visible structural elements, and large, open spaces. A visualization of a loft or home in the industrial style showcases a raw structure with large windows and prominent metal elements.

What Works Well in an Industrial Style?



  • Imperial Aluminum Windows: Sturdy, with a distinctive design, perfect for raw interiors
    and large glass panels characteristic of the industrial style.
  • HS Ultraglide Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors: Enable the creation of large openings, typical of industrial spaces, and accentuate the modern, raw character of interiors.

Various Materials in Architectural Styles

The choice of materials for window frames has a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of a home. Different materials have their unique properties that make them better suited to specific architectural styles. Below, we present an overview of the most popular materials used in windows and patio doors and their influence on the style of the home.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are valued for their durability, energy efficiency, and affordability. They are easy to maintain and available in various styles, making them a versatile choice.


Durability: Vinyl is resistant to weather conditions, making these windows long-lasting.

Energy Efficiency: Excellent insulation properties help maintain a constant temperature inside the home.

Affordability: Vinyl is more economical than other materials, making it a popular choice.


Classic: Vinyl windows with subtle embellishments and classic profiles perfectly complement traditional homes.

Modern: Simple, sleek lines and minimalist profiles make vinyl windows seamlessly blend with modern architecture.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are synonymous with modernity and durability. They are particularly valued in projects where large glass panels and an elegant appearance are key.


Modern Appearance: Sleek profiles and the ability to create large glass panels give buildings a modern character.

Large Glass Panels: Aluminum is durable, allowing for the design of windows with large dimensions.

Durability: Resistance to corrosion and weather conditions ensures longevity.


Modern: Ideal for contemporary homes with large glazed walls and minimalist design.

Industrial: Raw, metallic finishes blend perfectly with lofts and industrial-style spaces.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a functional and stylish solution that saves space and creates a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior.


Space-saving: Sliding doors do not require additional space for opening.

Modernity: Sleek profiles and large glass panels give interiors a modern look.

Large Glass Panels: Maximize access to natural light and open up space to the outside.


Modern: Perfect for homes with contemporary design featuring large glazed walls.

Industrial: Metal finishes and large glass panels are ideal for raw, industrial interiors.

Minimalist: Simple, functional solutions with minimalist design.

Where to Find Inspiration

Choosing the right window frames can be a challenge, but there are many sources that can provide inspiration and help make decisions. Here are a few places to look for ideas:

Interior and architectural magazines: Magazines specializing in architecture and interiors offer a wealth of examples and the latest trends.

Websites and blogs dedicated to architecture and design: Online platforms and blogs are full of inspiring photos and articles on various architectural styles and window frame solutions.

Social media: Pinterest, Instagram: These platforms are excellent sources of inspiration, where you can find thousands of photos of homes and interiors from around the world.

Visits to sales showrooms and showrooms: Direct exposure to products allows for a better understanding of their appearance and functionality.

Consultations with architects and interior designers: Professionals can advise on choosing the best solutions tailored to individual needs and the style of the home.


Choosing the right window frames is a crucial step in the process of designing and building a home, significantly impacting its appearance and functionality. We have presented how different architectural styles – modern, classic, and industrial – require appropriate matching of windows and patio doors to emphasize their unique character. We have also discussed various materials used in window frames, such as vinyl and aluminum, along with their advantages and impact on the aesthetics of the home. NEO vinyl windows are ideal for both classic and modern homes, while Imperial and Genesis aluminum windows are perfect for modern and industrial spaces. 

Sliding patio doors, such as Smart Slide NEO and HS Ultraglide, offer functionality and style that harmonize with modern and minimalist interiors. To find inspiration, it’s worth browsing interior magazines, websites, and architectural blogs, as well as using social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Visits to sales showrooms and consultations with architects and interior designers can help make the best choice. If you need additional information or advice, we encourage you to consult with our experts. Visit our showrooms, where you can see
the full range of products and receive professional guidance. Contact us to learn more and find the perfect solutions for your home.