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Smart slide doors

lide terrace door Smart-slide sliding doors are a new generation in the field of sliding patio doors, which are above all characterized by excellent technical features and comfort of operation.

High tightness of construction

Smart-slide sliding doors provide a new solution for the sliding door/window industry and are aimed to be an attractive alternative to PSK/PATIO type doors. This is a great solution both for single-family dwellings as well as public facilities, where ease of use and reliability are expected from patio doors. A well-thought-out combination of technical solutions means that the smart-slide achieves very good results in the areas of air permeability, wind load resistance and water resistance tests. 

This is all thanks to the ideally matched seals of the sash, which are pressed transversely to the frame over the entire perimeter by turning the handle. The locking points meeting the area of the post help ensure tight construction.


The innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation similar to solutions used in lift-and-slide doors.
Specialized window fittings guarantee that after unlocking, the panels move freely and without
the slightest resistance on the frame in relation to the unopened part of the structure.
The locking mechanism allows the sash to be gently closed in the frame, and thus making the sliding door easy to operate.
The sash depth of 70 mm and frame depth of 140 mm give the new smart-slide sliding doors many options of use,
also making it an alternative for renovation.

Freedom of choice of colours

Smart-slide doors are available in a wide range of decorative foil overlays offered by us, and this system can use aluskin aluminum shells as well, which further expand the range of available color options.

Space Saving

The use of smart-slide sliding doors is a step towards the optimal use of space inside rooms because the opening of the door does not require opening the sashes which would protrude into the living space. The smart-slide door can be made in scheme
A and C:

A: 2 sashes – with one movable sash,

C: 4 sashes – with two movable ones in the middle.

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Smart slide

Sliding patio doors are produced with rectangular profile and glazing beads, which in their design perfectly match the Energeto NEO window system and with a classic, rounded look, perfectly matching the INFINITI and APX70 window systems.

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