Vision patio door
Patio Door system

Include a strong and long lasting patio door in your home with increased security features. Patio doors slide open horizontally, so they require less space to operate. Through large panels of glass we can create bright and airy spaces with a large amount of natural light. Compared to other American window systems, it is highlighted by a higher safety standard.
It can be used in both traditional and modern architecture.

  •  5 ⅕” depth of frame,
  •  Exterior glazed sash,
  •  Integral nailing fin for new construction applications,
  •  Specially designed chamber for a sliding mosquito net,
  •  Rigid steel reinforcement of sashes, 0116in thick,
  •  Available without integral nailing fin for replacement window applications,
  •  Triple weatherseal at interlock.
Vision Sliding Patio Door

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Veneers available on the outside of the window


Design Pressure (DP) Structural Pressure (STP) U-Factor SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) Visible Transmittance Condensation Resistance
Vision Sliding
Patio Door
none none from 0.30 from 0.26 from 0.34 54


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