Vinyl Sliding

Smart slide doors by Plastixal: streamlined access solutions

Smart slide doors

Smart-slide sliding doors offer a fresh approach to the sliding door/window sector, presenting an appealing alternative to traditional PSK/PATIO doors. Designed to cater to both residential and commercial settings, they prioritize user-friendliness and reliability, particularly in patio door applications. Through a meticulously crafted blend of technical features, smart-slide doors excel in air permeability, wind load resistance, and water resistance tests.

The secret lies in the precisely engineered seals of the door sash, which, when the handle is turned, are uniformly pressed against the frame, ensuring a snug fit. Additionally, strategically placed locking points reinforce structural integrity, particularly at critical junctures like the door post.

Vision patio door Patio Door system

Enhance your home with a durable and secure patio door boasting enhanced security features. Patio doors, which slide horizontally, demand minimal operating space while flooding interiors with abundant natural light through expansive glass panels. Distinguished by its superior safety standards compared to other American window systems, it seamlessly complements both traditional and modern architectural styles.

Vision patio door by Plastixal: seamless outdoor access

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