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Infiniti lift & slide doors

Lift & slide terrace door 313 in

INFINITI lift and slide doors are unique on the market: they are available
in three different variants, depending on the requirements for thermal insulation: from the basic version, through the standard version, to the premium version, which meets the highest requirements for passive houses.

One system – three solutions

The new INFINITI door system is on the one hand a response to expectations of creating ever larger window constructions, and on the other, due to structural changes and, above all, the possibility of using larger glass packages up to 2164in wide, allows achieving above-average properties in the field of thermal insulation . A novelty in this segment is the modular nature of the structure, which allows three optional configurations of the product, depending on the expected thermal parameters.

Infiniti fixframe even more light

The new system solution INFINITI fixframe with a very narrow frame in the perimeter part, it fulfills the postulate of maximizing the glazed areas, increasing the amount of light entering the rooms and efficient use
of thermal energy from the sun.

Thanks to the freedom to choose different combinations of profiles in the part of the door header and in the threshold, we have the possibility
of choosing between three options: Basic, Standard and Premium,
which are addressed to different groups of customers with different requirements regarding thermal insulation.

Due to the increase to 313in in the depth of the wings used in Infiniti balcony door constructions, the sealing node has also been modified on the line of overlapping profiles of moving and permanent parts. The flat gasket used so far has been replaced with a tubular EPDM gasket. By increasing the values of operational forces necessary to completely close the wing,
a significant increase in the air tightness of the joint was obtained in this way.

Infiniti Fixframe

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Thermal properties of the lift & slide infiniti doors

Changes in the construction of sections have allowed for a significant improvement in thermal permeability of profiles, which depending on the chosen option allows to obtain a weighted average value of the heat transfer coefficient Uf = from 1.5 W (m2 * K) in the Basic version, through Uf = 1.3 W (m2 * K) in the Standard version up to Uf = 1.1 W (m2 * K) in the Premium version.

The currently tested value of the Q100 coefficient allows classifying aluplast HST 31132in doors made in scheme A to class 4 of air tightness in accordance with PN-EN 12207:2001 norm, which in accordance with the requirements of technical and construction regulations in the field of air permeability enables using these structures in all types of buildings.

Lift and slide infiniti doors – thresholds

Depending on the object requirements and the buyer’s expectations, the INFINITI balcony door comes in three different threshold solutions.

Standard Variant
Basic Variant
Basic Variant
Standard Variant
Premium Variant
Premium Variant
Plastixal INFINITI lift & slide doors with low treshold without barrier

Threshold without a barrier?

Plastixal’s INFINITI Lift & Slide doors are a modern and safe solution, designed to eliminate ubiquitous barriers. The low door threshold, 15764in high, which can be recessed from the room’s side in its height, meets the requirements for architecturally unobstructed construction and enables easy entry and exit. Thanks to special overlays it is also possible to level the threshold with the floor surface and thus completely eliminate architectural barriers.

Plastixal INFINITI lift & slide doors treshold without barrier

Panoramic view

INFINITI lift & slide doors are the window constructions that allow you to create large-size glazing, providing a unique view of the space around the house. The width of the sash can be from 3112in to 118764in wide and up to 1061964in high in white, which allows you to create even more than six meters of glazing.

Infiniti Lift Slide Maximum Sliding Doors: Comfort and Efficiency