System AS178HS


The AS 178HS PRO SLIM system combines cutting-edge solutions with contemporary styling, resulting in state-of-the-art, fully glazed HS doors.

This system offers the chance to fashion expansive, mobile patio doors featuring a minimalistic and cozy threshold. Its structural mechanisms enable the smooth and secure movement of the sash, whether operated manually or automatically. The hardware sourced from renowned suppliers ensures effortless operation even for extremely heavy sashes.

The AS 178HS PRO SLIM system caters to buildings with extensive glazing, such as restaurants and conservatories, where seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, user-friendliness, design, and aesthetics are of paramount importance.

One notable advantage of this solution is its non-intrusive nature, seamlessly integrating with any interior while not encroaching on precious surface area. Its innovative design boasts top-tier thermal insulation properties.

With the AS 178HS PRO SLIM it becomes feasible to entirely encase the frame in an insulation layer,
accentuating the decorative facade and enhancing the building’s unique attributes.
This system supports various configurations available in the market, including double
or triple-rail designs and fully glazed passive sash designs.

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  • Sash depth 3564in,
  • Glazing thickness up to 22164in,
  • Maximum height 1295964in,
  • Maximum moving sash weight 881lb,
  • Variant with 90 degrees sash connection angle YES,
  • Thermal insulation Uffrom 0,7 W/m2K.
  • Possible non-threshold design,
  • Crimped aluminium frames,
  • Narrow construction profiles,
  • Large glazing surfaces,
  • Possibility of glazing from the inside and outside,
  • Possibility to combine two, three four or six piece construction based on double or triple-rail frame,
  • Maximum width of the design – thanks to lengthwise connection of the frames,
  • Broad range of colours,
  • Modern design,
  • Aesthetics, durability and functionality of aluminium.