Neway Doors

Step into a new dimension with the elegance of glass panels! Embrace the allure of doors adorned with tempered glass, granting entryways that surpass imagination.

Merge aesthetics with practicality: Glass panels redefine the ambiance of your abode, infusing it with a contemporary charm. By ushering in natural light, they transform spaces into inviting sanctuaries.

Prioritize safety: With polished, tempered glass, your doors embody not just beauty, but robustness and resilience. Rest assured, your sanctuary remains secure, shielding your privacy with unwavering strength.

Unleash your individuality: Bid farewell to conventional options! Tempered glass panel doors become canvases for your unique expression, allowing your style to shine through without compromise.

PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors

Presenting NEWAY Doors – a groundbreaking blend of stunning designs, dependable craftsmanship, longevity, and unwavering security.
Now, experience the epitome of design excellence while ensuring unparalleled safeguarding and enduring strength.

Available models

PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Passion


PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Desire


PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Harmony


PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Passion

Neway Doors - Passion

The birth of NEWAY Doors stemmed from our fervent love for design. Modern elegance, supreme user convenience, and premium materials form the cornerstone of our door construction. Yet, the pinnacle of our achievement was reached when we imbued them with captivating and innovative designs.

PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Desire

Neway Doors - Desire

We cherish possessions that distinguish us from the rest. Across time, people have demonstrated their refined tastes through unique embellishments, like jewelry, which signify social standing, affluence, and individual flair, while also enhancing the wearer’s beauty. The inception of the DESIRE series stemmed from crafting doors that, akin to jewelry, elevate their uniqueness through the luminosity of intentionally utilized glass, forming a kind of architectural adornment for impeccably designed structures.

PlastixalWindows - Neway Doors Harmony

Neway Doors - Harmony

The inception of the HARMONY series sprang from our innate longing to be immersed in items that draw inspiration from nature and its elements. For many, there’s an inherent sense of calmness when beholding the wonders of the natural world. The profound harmony with nature often brings joy to individuals. Could this perhaps be the direction you opt for yourself and your doors?


Are you seeking to infuse your interior with exceptional beauty and serenity? Our nature-inspired doors promise to imbue your home with perfect harmony. Explore a distinctive blend of aesthetics and practicality that will redefine your living spaces. Reach out to us today to delve into the Neway Doors system and uncover the ideal solution for your project. Extraordinary alignment with nature awaits – Welcome!

Modern and Exclusive NEWAY Aluminum Doors: Style and Durability

NEWAY Exclusive Doors

Explore our exclusive range of external panel aluminum doors proudly crafted under the NEWAY brand. Visit us today to uncover the wealth of designs available in NEWAY doors.