Discover Elegance with Plastixal's Neway Exclusive Doors

Front Doors
- Neway Exlusive Doors

Each NEWAY door is equipped with the PLUS security package, which includes top-grade „C” burglary-resistant cylinder, anti-balance pins on the hinge side, safety glass (for the active leaf), and as standard Gold and Platinum doors come with RC2 (for Gold doors) and RC3 (for Platinum doors) burglary resistance class locks.

- Neway Doors

Introducing Neway Pivot Doors – a distinct alternative to traditional hinged doors. These doors rotate on a spindle, rather than using butt hinges affixed to a frame. With their larger and heavier construction, Neway pivot doors create a unique and impressive effect, thanks to their substantial size and expansive panels. Experience a new level of style and functionality with these remarkable doors.

Pivot Neway Doors