We like to have items that distinguish us. For centuries, humanity has expressed its best taste through exclusive additions to their lives, including jewelry, which has always been a symbol of high social and financial status, expressed a sense of style, and accentuated the beauty of those who wear it. The DESIRE series was created in the process of designing doors that, like jewelry, express their exclusivity through the gleam of glass deliberately used in the doors to visually serve as a kind of ornament for finely designed buildings.

Stylish Neway Doors Desire with a sleek modern design.


Why are NEWAY doors unique?

Modern and original design is not everything. The exclusivity of a product is influenced by many factors.


All door elements are processed in a modern machine park.

The production is carried out by professionals who have made thousands of doors personalized to the requirements of our customers.

We have selected the best profiles that ensure high rigidity of the door structure, even those with impressive dimensions.


At first glance, aluminum door panels do not differ much from others, made of weaker materials, but every user of aluminum doors will appreciate their reliability.


Out of concern for the safety of our customers and their families, all glass packages in our doors are made with the use of safety glass 33.1