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In the GOLD and PLATINUM standards, the door lock engine can be activated not only with a key but also through a fingerprint reader, a numeric keypad, or an RFID reader, making door opening easy and convenient, and access possible for designated individuals, even if they forget to take the key. Communication with the system is done via Bluetooth technology. 

Device management is possible within the application.

There is also a Wi-Fi module called Smart, allowing door control from anywhere on earth.

Illustration showcasing various electronic devices and components.
Electric strike with day/night function

Electric latch release is a type of strike that, upon receiving current, releases the lock’s bolt. This version comes with a switch.

Day/Night Function

Through this function, you can easily release the main lock and additional locks by sliding the bolt — simply adjust the mechanical lever at the three modules. This function doesn’t require an electric strike.

Daytime Unlocking

Temporary deactivation of the automatic feature via a small lever on the header strip allows for easy exit and re-entry into the building without the need for a key. This solution can be used in conjunction with the Day/Night function or an electric strike

Concealed Door Closer

The concealed door closer for single-leaf doors is completely hidden within the door panel. The guide rail is only visible when the doors are open. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of this solution, its undeniable advantages include access to the closing speed adjustment, latch action function, and opening damping after installing the door closer in the door leaf.

Concealed Automatic Door Closer

The drive integrated within the door leaf or door frame meets the highest stylistic standards. The opening and closing speed can be adjusted individually. The low power consumption mode opens the door at a reduced speed, meeting the highest safety standards. The obstacle detection system detects obstacles by touch and stops the opening or closing process immediately. Automatic reversing detects obstacles and reverses the movement to the open position.

Why are NEWAY doors unique?

Modern and original design is not everything. The exclusivity of a product is influenced by many factors.


All door elements are processed in a modern machine park.

The production is carried out by professionals who have made thousands of doors personalized to the requirements of our customers.

We have selected the best profiles that ensure high rigidity of the door structure, even those with impressive dimensions.


At first glance, aluminum door panels do not differ much from others, made of weaker materials, but every user of aluminum doors will appreciate their reliability.


Out of concern for the safety of our customers and their families, all glass packages in our doors are made with the use of safety glass 33.1