3 NEWAY door standards

Choose how you want to control the opening of new doors. If you are passionate about modern technologies, you want to connect your door to the Smart Home system and control them using a smartphone, remote control, fingerprint, code keypad – then our doors are definitely for you, but if you don’t need anything more than opening the door with a key, then we can propose a basic standard for opening / closing.

Neway Doors in Silver: Stylish Security Solutions
Neway Doors - Gold: Elevating Home Security with Luxurious Design
Neway Doors - Platinum: Security and Style Combined

Equipment availability – standard / extra charge:

Black Design (description on page 8 and 9)+++
Handle – handle or internal handle – external pull handle+++
Roller hinges++covered hinges
Anti-theft bolts at hinges+++
C-class black insert+++
Day/night option++
Fingerprint reader / numeric keypad (optional)++
Door operation via smartphone app (Bluetooth)++
Radio remote controlextra charge+
Transponderextra charge+
Door operation via smartphone app from anywhere in the worldextra charge+
Wi-fi module extra charge+
Covered hingesextra chargeextra charge+
Micro-switch extra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Door viewerextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Handle backlightextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Panel cameraextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Contactron / alarm sensorextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
LED door frame illuminationextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Backhoeextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Daytime unlockingextra chargeextra chargeextra charge
Door security lockextra chargeextra charge
Electric doorstrike extra charge
Panic lockextra charge

Door layouts with fanlight

Choose any arrangement with fanlights
Doors and fanlights will be made as part of a single frame, ensuring the highest quality statics for the structure.

Without additional lighting
Upper light
Top/right sidelight
Left sidelight
Left/upper sidelight
Sidelight left/right
Right sidelight
Right/left/top sidelight
Why are NEWAY doors unique?

Modern and original design is not everything. The exclusivity of a product is influenced by many factors.


All door elements are processed in a modern machine park.

The production is carried out by professionals who have made thousands of doors personalized to the requirements of our customers.

We have selected the best profiles that ensure high rigidity of the door structure, even those with impressive dimensions.


At first glance, aluminum door panels do not differ much from others, made of weaker materials, but every user of aluminum doors will appreciate their reliability.


Out of concern for the safety of our customers and their families, all glass packages in our doors are made with the use of safety glass 33.1