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HS Ultraglide

Introducing an advanced thermal efficiency system tailored for crafting sliding and lift-sliding constructions, the UG sliding structures cater to residential buildings, including private residences and public structures. This system is meticulously designed to comply with the latest standards in thermal performance, aesthetics, and safety, offering various options such as the UG low-threshold variant and the UG 90° angular solution.

With its unique specifications, the Ultraglide system facilitates the creation of structures featuring exceptionally large sliding panels, boasting maximum achievable dimensions of panel height (Hs = 12959⁄64in) and panel width (Bs = 12563⁄64in). This innovative system enables the development of spacious yet robust sliding windows and doors, supporting maximum panel weights of 551lb for the sliding option and 881lb for the lift-sliding option.

The frame design incorporates 3, 5, and 7 chamber profiles, ensuring versatility and durability in construction.

Modern Slide

A system with enhanced thermal insulation designed for designing sliding constructions.

The solutions of the Modern Slide system allow for the design of sliding structures on 2-, 3-, and 4-track frames, providing great flexibility in building facade design.

The pocket door solution allows for almost complete hiding of the sliding panels within the building’s wall, maximizing the passage of light after opening the panels of the structure.

Modern Slide by Plastixal: streamlined window solutions

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