Do customers purchase glass panel doors?
How to present the pros and cons of this choice to them?

Entry doors are a crucial element of any home or building. Choosing the right doors is an important decision that not only affects the residents’ comfort but also
the appearance and property value. In recent years, entry doors with glass panels have been gaining increasing popularity, combining functionality with aesthetics.
Entry doors with glass panels are an intriguing solution found in many homes. However, it’s worth examining the pros and cons of this option and how to convey
this information to customers.

Do customers buy doors
Let’s start with the idea of doors with glass panels. Glass panels can take various forms, from a small window to fully glazed doors. Is it worth choosing such an option? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind

Advantages of entry doors
with glass panels

Design: Doors with glass panels are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. They allow natural light to enter, making the space more welcoming and cozy. The visual aspect of glass panel doors attracts many customers.
With the option to choose from various patterns and types of glazing, they can be tailored to the home’s design, offering limitless interior design possibilities.
It’s an excellent way to give the building a unique character.

Security: The glazing in entry doors can be made from safety or anti-break-in glass, which is more difficult to shatter. This enhances security since potential intruders cannot easily gain access to the home.

Visibility: Glass panels make it easy to see who is on the other side of the door, which is useful when someone is waiting outside, and you want to verify their identity. It also allows residents to enjoy the surroundings without stepping out
of the house.

Enhanced Natural Lighting: One of the main advantages of glass panel doors is that they allow more natural light to enter the interior, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. This is particularly important in homes with limited access to natural light.

Aesthetic Appeal: Entry doors with glass panels add elegance and modernity
to any building. Various designs and styles are available, allowing for customization
to match the customer’s project and preferences. They serve as a beautiful decoration that catches the eye and gives the property a unique character.

Increased Property Value: For many customers, entry doors with glass panels can be an investment in the future. Potential buyers will appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of these doors, potentially translating into a higher selling price.

Disadvantages of entry doors with glass panels

Lack of Privacy: Glass panels can help maintain visibility but also mean that people outside can see what’s happening inside the home. This can be an issue for those who value their privacy. However, you can use frosted glass in the doors to make the interior less visible to others. This solution has one drawback, though – during the day, when you’re inside the house, the room will be darker, making you less visible, but you can see what’s happening outside. In the evening, when it’s dark outside and there’s light inside the house, the situation will be reversed.

Higher Cost: Entry doors with glass panels are typically more expensive than traditional solid doors. The glass panels and finishing with glass increase production costs.

Maintenance Requirement: Glass surfaces require more frequent cleaning to maintain a neat appearance. Dust, rain, snow, and dirt can make glass panel doors look unsightly.

How to present the advantages and disadvantages of exterior doors with glass panels to customers?

Customer Consultation: It’s always worth asking the customer about their preferences and needs so that we can tailor the offer to their expectations.
Explain the Pros and Cons: As specialists in the field of window and door carpentry, it is our duty to provide the customer with full information about doors with glass panels. During the consultation, we should explain the benefits of this solution
as well as potential issues.

Present Examples: Show the customer examples of projects where doors with glass panels have been successfully used. Present different architectural styles
to see which type of glazing complements each style best. This can help the customer see the possibilities this solution offers.

Personalize the Approach: Each customer has different priorities and expectations. It’s important to understand the customer’s needs to help them
find the perfect solution for their project, preferences, and lifestyle.

Adapt to Needs: If the customer expresses concerns about safety or privacy, consider whether there are options that can address these issues, such as doors with safety glass or frosted glass.

Cost Comparison: Present the cost differences between doors with glass panels and traditional doors to help the customer make a more informed decision.
Offer Compromise Solutions: For customers who are concerned about privacy
or higher costs, consider doors with partial glazing or the use of frosted glass or Venetian mirrors that provide privacy.


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Glass Panels in Entry Doors and Safety

It’s also worth discussing with the customer options for glazing that provide a higher level of security, such as safety glass or anti-burglary glass.

Safety glass, VSG 33.1, is laminated glass (VSG) composed of at least two glass panes, laminated with an exceptionally tear-resistant PVB (Poly-Vinyl-Butyral) film.
This glass is used as an intermediate layer between two glass panes and is permanently bonded with them. Safety glass is used in places where safety standards are elevated. When shattered, it doesn’t shatter; instead, it forms a spiderweb pattern on the pane.

Anti-burglary glass, known as P4 glass, is glass with increased resistance to piercing or breaking with blunt or sharp tools. It consists of two glass panes, each 4 mm thick, separated by four layers of durable PVB film.

What else is worth recommending to the customer?

When the customer is still in the design or construction phase of the building and has the opportunity to make changes, it’s also worth suggesting the choice of doors with transoms.

Transoms are windows located in the upper or side (or both) part of the doors, allowing light to flow into adjacent rooms. This solution not only enhances the aesthetics of the doors but also creates a sense of space. With transoms, it’s possible to make use of natural lighting even when the doors are closed, which positively impacts energy efficiency and living comfort.

Doors with transoms and sidelights offer not only aesthetics and functionality but also a modern approach to interior design. They allow you to enjoy more natural light while creating an elegant entrance to the home. It’s an excellent way to combine beauty and practicality in a single solution that your customers will surely appreciate.

If you’re ready to expand your product range to include entry doors with glass panels or need professional consultation in this field, our experts are at your service.

Contact us now and start offering your customers modern and aesthetically pleasing solutions.


Entry doors with glass panels are becoming an increasingly popular and preferred choice among customers. They offer numerous advantages, such as enhanced natural lighting, an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and an increase in property value. However, it’s essential to also consider the drawbacks, such as higher purchase costs and a potential decrease in privacy. Nonetheless, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Customers should carefully consider their needs and preferences before selecting doors with glass panels. It’s valuable to inquire about customers’ preferences to help them find the perfect solution. Personalizing the approach, discussing important factors, presenting practical examples, and considering compromise solutions are crucial components of a successful selection process.

Consulting with a professional in the field of entry doors with glass panels can assist customers in making an informed choice that takes into account both their aesthetic and functional requirements. This way, they can enjoy new doors that meet all their expectations.

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