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Our years of experience and high quality of services make us a market leader.
If you want to establish a collaboration with a trusted and professional partner, you don’t need to look any further.

We offer you a NEO with a nail flange, specifically designed for new constructions, ensuring smooth and easy installation process!

Why is it worth collaborating with us?


Fast order fulfillment

We have a well-established process for delivering goods to the
USA and Canada
– we work every day to enhance its efficiency.

After you submit an inquiry, we will contact you on the next business day
to clarify any details that may be unclear.

Based on the clarified details, we prepare a cost estimate covering all elements
(duration: 1 – 5 days depending on the estimated order) – at that point, we also provide an estimated order fulfillment date.

Once the order is accepted, the process of producing the ordered assortment begins (duration: 3 – 8 weeks). The client is informed of the production completion date.

Before the end of production: a container is ordered, and you are informed
of the shipping date (standard delivery time to the USA is approximately
4 weeks).

After the goods are shipped, you receive a waybill number, allowing you
to track the current location of your order.

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All customs clearance matters are handled by our company

Precise and careful packing of orders (goods for shipment are placed on special transport racks, secured with transport straps, cushioned with polypropylene foam pads,
and finally wrapped in protective film).

We are constantly working to improve our production process – that’s why we expanded the quality control station and created the Quality Improvement team. Following Lean management principles, its members ensure the quality of the manufactured product, working on the daily improvement of the efficiency of the production process at all stages, from component storage to production, and finally to packaging for shipment.

Assembly line

Modern production line

We have modern production lines that allow us to achieve a short production time and fulfill orders quickly.

We have 2 modern production lines.

By the end of 2024, our machinery park will be enriched with an additional
3 (2 PVC production lines and 1 aluminum production line).

Employees in the R&D department are developing new technological solutions, which,
as world-scale innovations, have been patented or reserved.


Qualified workforce

In our team, individuals with many years of experience work
(windows, doors, facades).

We have salespeople with experience in the American market.
Our sales representatives are fluent in English.

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We advise, verify, and analyze
the projects of our clients

Collaboration with the US market: We have years of experience with clients
in the American market, allowing us to understand its specifics and challenges.

For years, our company has been delivering high-quality windows to many European countries, passionately ensuring the satisfaction of our customers across the continent.

Modern technologies: We strive to continuously adapt to the latest technological trends, enabling us to offer our clients innovative solutions in our windows and doors.

Collaboration with various industries: With our experience, we can serve clients from different industries, providing them with personalized solutions.

Reliability and trust: Our long-standing experience contributes to building trust and long-term relationships with customers.

We analyze and advise on the best choices for you in terms of:

– Choosing the right project (e.g., windows, doors, facades, pergolas)

– Aluminum and uPVC joinery

– Selecting the appropriate color palette

– Choosing fittings and accessories (e.g., handles, door opening mechanisms, hinges, ventilation grilles, mosquito nets). Selecting glass (e.g., tempered, tinted, with enhanced thermal and acoustic properties, or increased resistance to break-ins)

High Quality

Excellent Product Quality

Our products meet the highest quality standards, allowing us to gain the trust
of customers from various industries.

Product certifications: AAMA, NFRC, as well as European CE
and fire-resistant certifications (we offer burglar-resistant windows, fire-resistant windows, hurricane-resistant windows).

European certifications for increased burglary resistance: RC2 and RC3.

Our products come with a 7-year warranty, providing customers with confidence in their reliability.

We use materials from leading brands:

Saint Gobain, Siegenia, Aluplast, Aliplast,


Support for Distributors

We provide marketing materials (product catalogs, sample books, graphics for website placement, instructional videos, technical specifications for products, window stickers with NFRC certification),

We conduct distributor training in the field of aluminum and uPVC (online),

We supply product samples (window triangles – cross-sections, showroom windows
for showrooms).

Quality control

Strict Quality Control

We conduct strict quality control at every stage of production. We have set checkpoints at all sensitive points in production to ensure that our products meet the established high standard, following the principle: windows are only as good as their weakest component. Therefore, it is crucial to systematically ensure that there are no weak elements.

Utilization of the best materials: We only use the best available materials, ensuring the durability and reliability of our products.

See what our production hall looks like

Plastixal Windows Production Hall

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