5 ways to perfectly clean windows

When we think about taking care of our homes, we often focus on keeping things tidy, cleaning floors, and dusting furniture. However, one of the most commonly overlooked elements is windows, even though they are not only an important aesthetic feature of our homes but also play a crucial role in bringing in natural light and providing proper ventilation. Therefore, maintaining their cleanliness and condition is extremely important. Nevertheless, keeping windows perfectly clean can be a challenging task. However, the value of this effort is undeniable because clean windows not only look aesthetically pleasing from the outside but also add freshness and illuminated space to the interior of the home.

Windows play a key role in both the aesthetics and functionality of our homes. Regular window cleaning helps keep them in good condition for many years, preventing dirt buildup or damage.

In this article, we will discuss five effective ways to maintain windows in perfect cleanliness. You will learn how to efficiently clean windows both from the outside and inside, how to deal with stubborn streaks on the glass, and how to ensure proper maintenance to enjoy their excellent appearance for many years.

5 ways to perfectly clean windows

Regular window cleaning

Cleaning windows is not a one-time task – it requires regular maintenance to keep them spotlessly clean and aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. Below, we present two key aspects of regular window cleaning:

Frequency of washing

Regular washing frequency is crucial for maintaining cleanliness. It is recommended to carry out this process at least once a quarter, especially for windows exposed to external factors such as dust, pollen, or rain. Regular window washing helps remove accumulated dirt and stains, thereby contributing to keeping them in perfect condition and ensuring good transparency of the glass. Failure to clean regularly can lead to tougher-to-remove dirt that may require more intensive cleaning or the use of specialized cleaning agents.

Removing dirt from window frames

During everyday use, dirt and contaminants can accumulate not only on the glass but also on the window frames. Therefore, regular cleaning of window frames from dust is important, which can also prevent mechanical damage such as corrosion or material wear of the frame. Before starting to wash the windows, it is worth spending a moment to thoroughly clean the frames, for example, using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dirt.

Regular cleaning of windows both inside and outside is not just a matter of aesthetics but also of maintaining their functionality over time. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants that accumulate on the glass can not only spoil the view but also affect light transmission and make observation from the outside difficult. Therefore, it is worth ensuring regular window cleaning using appropriate methods and cleaning agents.

The frequency of window cleaning mainly depends on weather conditions and the location of the house. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall or near high-traffic roads, more frequent window cleaning may be necessary to prevent dirt buildup. However, if you live in an area with milder climate conditions, cleaning 2-3 times a year may be sufficient.

Regular cleaning of windows both outside and inside will help maintain their cleanliness, which will affect not only the appearance of the house but also the comfort of its residents.

Choosing the right tools and cleaning agents

Selecting the right tools and effective cleaning solutions is crucial for achieving efficient and safe window cleaning. Below are details regarding the selection of appropriate cleaning tools and solutions.


Choosing the appropriate tools for washing windows is of utmost importance to achieve cleanliness without risking glass damage. A soft microfiber cloth is one of the most recommended tools because it doesn’t scratch the glass and effectively removes dirt. A sponge or window cleaning mop are also good choices, especially for cleaning larger glass surfaces. It’s important to select tools with a soft texture to avoid scratches and damage to glass surfaces.

Cleaning solutions:

When choosing cleaning solutions for window washing, attention should be paid to their composition and properties. It is recommended to choose gentle and non-aggressive cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt but leave no streaks or residues. Vinegar solution or specialized window cleaning fluid are excellent options because they work gently yet effectively dissolve dirt. It is also important to avoid using strong detergents containing ammonia, which can be harmful to health and cause damage to window surfaces.

The choice of appropriate tools and cleaning solutions is crucial for effective window cleaning without risking surface damage. By using soft microfiber cloths and gentle cleaning solutions, we can achieve perfectly clean windows without unsightly streaks or scratches.

How to effectively clean windows?

Clean on cooler days

The industrial style is associated with the rawness of materials and finishes. Exposed beams, pipes, raw concrete, or brick are often left in their natural state or slightly processed to emphasize their raw character. This rawness of materials gives the space an industrial and authentic appearance.

Vertical and horizontal movement

In industrial style, minimalism is key. Simple geometric shapes of furniture and accessories, along with the absence of unnecessary embellishments, emphasize functionality and simplicity of form. Leaving space in its natural simplicity allows focusing attention on the rawness of materials and the character of the interior.

Correct window cleaning technique can significantly impact the final cleaning result. By choosing the right time and using proper movements, we can achieve impeccable cleanliness of our windows, without unsightly streaks or dirt.

Maintenance and protecting windows from damage

To ensure the long life and excellent condition of windows, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them in good shape through appropriate preservation and protection from harmful external factors. Here are a few tasks to perform to maintain windows in the best possible condition:

Regularly check the condition of seals and replace them if necessary to prevent air and water leaks. Damaged or worn seals can lead to energy loss and water penetration indoors.

Inspect the condition of hinges and window mechanisms to ensure they operate smoothly and are free from any defects. Lubricating hinges may be necessary to ensure their smooth operation and avoid issues with opening and closing windows.

To protect windows from harmful effects of external factors such as sun, rain, or wind, it’s advisable to apply appropriate protective measures. One such measure is external blinds or awnings, which not only provide shade and protection from excessive sunlight but also shield windows from rain and wind.

For wooden windows, regularly check the condition of the paint coating and renovate it if necessary to prevent moisture damage and wood decay. Additionally, applying wood preservatives can help protect the wood from moisture and harmful insects.

Taking care of the maintenance and protection of windows from damage is crucial for preserving their excellent condition for many years. Regular inspection of seals, hinges, and window mechanisms will help avoid more serious problems, while the application of appropriate protective measures will ensure long-lasting protection from harmful external factors. With these actions, your windows will not only be aesthetic but also functional and durable for many years.

Pay attention to details

Maintaining windows in immaculate cleanliness requires attention to even the smallest details. Below are some important tips for cleaning windows to ensure their perfect appearance.

Cleaning edges: During the window cleaning process, don’t forget about thoroughly cleaning the edges and corners where dirt and dust often accumulate. By using a narrow brush or special tools for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, we can effectively remove contaminants that may be overlooked during standard window washing.

Drying and polishing: After completing the cleaning process, take a moment to thoroughly dry and polish the window surfaces. Use a dry, clean cloth or paper towel to remove excess water from the windows, thus preventing streaks. Then, to achieve a shiny, streak-free appearance, gently polish the window surfaces with a clean cloth. This additional step will ensure impeccably clean windows that shine with cleanliness.

By paying attention to every detail during window cleaning, we can achieve the ultimate result that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Thoroughly cleaning edges and meticulous drying and polishing of windows are key elements of the cleaning process that allow us to achieve a perfect window appearance.


In caring for our homes, we often focus on maintaining cleanliness and order, yet sometimes we overlook an important element – windows. They are not only essential aesthetically but also play a crucial role in bringing in natural light and providing adequate ventilation. Therefore, caring for their cleanliness and condition is incredibly important.

In the above article, we discussed five effective ways to keep windows in perfect cleanliness, starting from regular cleaning, through choosing the right tools and cleaning agents, to maintenance and protection from damage, as well as paying attention to details during cleaning.

Regular window cleaning, both from the outside and inside, is crucial for maintaining their immaculate cleanliness and aesthetics. It’s important to remember the frequency of washing, especially if windows are exposed to external factors such as dust or rain. Removing dirt from window frames is also important to prevent damage and maintain their functionality.

Choosing the right cleaning tools and agents, such as soft microfiber cloths and gentle cleaning solutions, will help avoid surface damage and streaks. Effective cleaning technique, like vertical and horizontal movements, is crucial for achieving perfect cleanliness without leaving dirt behind.

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